Rapper 50 Cent bought a 50,000 square foot mansion with 50 bedrooms

Rapper 50 Cent bought a 50,000-square-foot mansion with 50 bedrooms.

It appeared to be fate. His nickname is 50 Cent. The location is 50 Poplar Hill Drive. The massive mansion spans 50,000 square feet and features over 50 rooms. It’s as if all the fortunate numbers align.

Until they didn’t. After more than a decade, the rapper-actor-TV producer, known as 50 Cent, eventually sold his suburban Connecticut mansion—a symbol of success, extravagance, and ultimately, setbacks—at a significant loss of $2.9 мιllιon. This sale marked an 84% reduction from his initial asking price.

The hip-hop superstar, born Curtis Jackson, tenaciously pursued the sale of his opulent Farmington residence, which remained on and off the market for 12 years. This effort was particularly notable during the period of his highly publicized Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing some years ago.